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Nail Surgery Treatments in Gurgaon

is a routine minor procedure, undertaken under local anaesthetic, to relieve discomfort from ingrown and painful toenails. This is done by removing the offending section, or sometimes the whole toenail and treating the root to prevent it from growing back.
Nail surgery is commonly done for 3 conditions – Nail fungal infections, Nail trauma and Ingrown Toe Nails, almost consisting about 50% of nail abnormalities. Already present on the body, the Ingrown toe nail as overgrows that eventually becomes a problem and surgery is the mainstay treatment. We, at National Skin Clinic have been successfully treating patients coming to us with their nail-related issues.

Ingrown toenail surgery is generally safe and effective. If you have a partial toenail removal, your nail may grow back in approximately three to four months. If you had your toenail totally removed, re-growth can take up to a year.

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