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Vitiligo Surgery Treatment
We offer a number of treatments to help dramatically reduce the signs of Vitiligo scarring to restore your confidence in your skin.
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Vitiligo Surgery Treatment in Gurgaon

Vitiligo surgery-

Vitiligo is a common acquired de-pigmenting disorder characterized by presence of de-pigmented patches. Notably, it is a disease of cosmetic concern with much social stigma. Lesions on the face and neck respond the best to medical therapies, followed by lesions on the proximal extremities and trunk, while those distributed over acral parts of extremities and non-hairy areas, such as the wrist, feet and male genitals, respond poorly. Surgical methods complement medical therapies by providing melanocytes to these refractory lesions.
Surgical methods complement medical therapies by providing melanocytes to the refractory lesions. There are tissue grafting options and cell transplantation options. The tissue grafting options, although economical, give rise to colour and texture mismatch that is equally psychosocially bothersome as vitiligo. The cell transplantation achieves better colour and texture match. Any eligible patch on any site with any size can be treated successfully, if selected and treated in right time and right way. Several advanced surgical treatment for vitiligo are available at our clinic. Get the most advanced and natural treatment of vitiligo by using latest breakthrough as “Advanced Melanocyte Transplantation technique” by our expert skin specialist.

Tissue-grafting methods include mini-grafting or punch grafting, epidermal grafting and split thickness grafting. These methods use full-thickness punch grafts, roof of epidermal blisters and shave biopsy samples, respectively, as the source of melanocytes. Cellular grafting includes non-cultured and cultured melanocytes/keratinocytes suspensions obtained from trypsinizing the shaved skin biopsy sample as a source of melanocytes. Recent advances over the years have enabled dermatologists totreat extensive areas located on any anatomic site in a single operative session by surgical intervention.

Are you a ideal candidate for Vitiligo surgery?

Any person who has had a non-progressive patch for one year is a potential candidate for vitiligo surgery.

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